The God Machine has been released TODAY!

THE GOD MACHINE is out TODAY!!! YES! After waiting… i dunno how long, it came out a WEEK early!

Go forth! Go get it at a comic shop! [or order it.]

About those who ordered from DCBS: I’d check with them when they ship things. You may have to wait a little bit to receive your copy. [I know! I’m sorry. :( ]
Don’t forget release party at Stardust and signings next week!


p.s. GOD MACHINE “Rough Cut Series” is back online!

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  1. Bought a preview copy today and was astounded by the artwork. amazing!! looking forward to reading. I will be spreading the word over here in London UK. When does the full novel hit the stores?

    1. Wow, thank you!
      I hope it reads as well as it looks!

      The graphic novel should be coming out the first quarter of 2010. Working hard on it as we speak!

      Again thank you so much for picking it up, and for the compliments!


      1. Well, I have read it and now can’t wait for the full finished article.
        Already turned a few friends onto it too!
        good luck and keep working’ll be worth it I’m sure :)

  2. As I tweeted.. I will have a copy in about two weeks and my local store (here in sweden) ordered some more for others to buy as well. Hopefully I can get them hocked!

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