New Reader Review + Appearance Update

New reader review from  Freshoil over at MySpace! Check it out.

Also updated my appearances.  One confirmed for Megacon coming up in March. The others are speculative and will probably be added to and taken away at some point.


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  1. Dear Chan, Your mother-in-law, Tracy, gave us your preview comic book on Saturday December 5th, 2009 and being an almost-retired-psychologist who once treated children circa 1970, I am really looking forward to buying “The God Machine”, graphic novel, because I want to know what happens to Guy! (I love characters and character development and my husband has always loved stories.)I particularly love it when good triumphs over evil. Thank you so much, Jane P.S. We’re the ones you and your husband at his late grandmother’s Celebration of Life helped to learn photoshop so we could layer a photo of our dog, Freckles, into an RC plane photo for our annual Christmas Card.

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