Reader Reviews Now Added

Hey everybody!

Just added “Reader Reviews” in the Interviews and Reviews section of the site.  It’s open to anybody who wants to submit a review about “The God Machine” through their blog. Best and fair ones will be picked. [Blogs like: LJ, WordPress, Blogspot, Myspace, etc.]

Tips: Make it at “least” 2 paragraphs if you can.  Try to be professional and add links back to ““. Talk about the art and the story. Scales 1-5, or 1-10 work nicely. No internet speak!!! [this should go without saying]

Send your links to your blog to:

Looking forward to hearing from you! Happy blogging!


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  1. i loved your preview book – the coloring is awesome and the only thing that bugged me was that i wish it was longer than just 45 pages. Can’t wait for more!

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