Eagle Award Nominations & Wondercon Wrap Up!

*EDIT: Updated entry!
Eagle Awards!

Please guys help me, the little guy, get an Eagle Award nomination for myself AND The God Machine!

The Eagle Awards are now accepting nominations for your favorite comic, artist, writer, etc. published during the 2009 year. If you liked the first issue of THE GOD MACHINE, and you thought I was somebody to mention as an newcomer artist, writer, artist/writer, Fully-Painted Artwork, etc, please nominate me, Chandra Free, The God Machine Preview Book (for favorite American Colour Comicbook), and my publisher Archaia for an Eagle Award.

I’d really appreciate this! It will help get THE GOD MACHINE more attention if it makes a nomination! [we’ll worry about winning later] Tell your friends, blog it, tweet it, do anything to get the word out! Please! Any bit can help. :)
[*note you don’t have to vote in every category to vote! and CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL FILTER TO VERIFY!] Go forth and nominate ASAP!

And remember, this is just the nomination stage. This is not the actual voting for winning. And since I am a newcomer, and The God Machine is still the new kid on the block in terms of being published, we need ALL the help we can get! The God Machine and myself are barely known.–It’s you guys who will actually get it nominated, no one else. So I ask you, please, from the bottom of my heart, help me and The God Machine get seen!

Thank you, so much!

Now for some other news. ^_^


Wondercon Wrap Up!

So this is a little delayed due to trying to get settled back in, and other not so fun things!

But thanks to all who came out and said “hi” at Wondercon! It was a wonderful experience, and i hope to return in the future. Also thanks to all my Archaia friends; creators, the big guys, and our lovable interns! You guys made it totally amazing! <3

The Archaia panel went rather well, lots of cool Archaia news took place, and I got to talk about the God Machine, and take some questions! I have no video of the event, but a little write up over at CBR exists! Certainly check that out for some great news on upcoming Archaia titles! Lots to look for in 2010!

While I was at Wondercon, I had the chance to do 2 video interviews! [and don’t worry, i’m a complete dork in both of them!]

1st one: Cammy’s Comic Corner [be sure to stay around for Patrick McEvoy’s :iconpatrickmcevoy: part of the interview too! You may find what he has to say.. interesting! ;)]

See it here:

[direct link to youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqzI_gB_xX0 ]

[Also if you want to see the full thing, including my fellow Archaia Creators, Josh Finney, Kat Rocha, Tom Pinchuk [who are also my dearest friends!] Go here: CCC’s Wondercon 2010]

2nd one: Comic Vine with Bat Girl Babs (aka Sara!!)

See it here:
Comic Vine with Bat Girl Babs (aka Sara!!)

[direct link: Comic Vine]

Thanks to both Cammy and Sara!!! And do make sure you visit Cammy’s Comic Corner and Comic Vine!

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting more THE GOD MACHINE sneak peaks to Comic Vine, so look out for updates over at my profile there.


Ninja Mountain!

I’m on another Ninja Mountain along with Kat Rocha, Josh Finney, and of course Patrick McEvoy – Check it out here: http://ninjamountain.blogspot.com/2010/04/episode-61-business-on-side-wonder-con.html
Looks like i’ll probably be returning again next week too! :D

I think that’s it. *phew* lots of words and things!

Thanks everybody for reading- and don’t forget.. nominate!!! PLEASE! Pretty please!


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