Broken Spell Card Deck- 2 Weeks Left!

Because i’m a busy forgetful fool, I forgot to mention to all of you about “The Broken Spell” card deck.


Broken Spell is the result of a collective 56 artists coming together to create a playing card deck based on their favorite fairy tales. Each card is illustrated by a different artist in their unique style.

Cards may be viewed here: [link]

Participating Artists
Ross Campbell, Rose Besch, Nicc Balce, Becky Cloonan, Ji Hae Park, K.J. Sturgeon, GunnerRomantic, Brinson M. Thieme, Miss Monster, Amelia Fabian, Niki Foley, Julie A. Collins, Der-shing Helmer, Agaric, Kyvie, Yamiza, Yuki S., Nashya, Jennifer Mundy, Ashleigh Hetrick, Erilu, Polly Guo, KidChan, Lilykane, Chandra Free, Jisuk Cho, Jandruff, Homoshiroi, Eatfun, Lysol-Jones, Catherine Lu, Fabio Barboni, Katie De Sousa, Doctajules, Janaschi, William Chua, Katie Ryan, Cari Corene, Natalia Peirandrei, Jeffery ‘Chamba’ Cruz, Courtney Via, Reapersun, Zaphk, Msh, Lindsay Woods, Kelly Bastow, Erin English, Okkie Min, Katy Shuttleworth, Annissa Schwartz, Cuson, Coey Kuhn, Oh8, Tyler Bartel, Fawn Lau

The deck consists of 54 casino quality, plastic coated playing cards, printed on 300gsm paperboard stick — the finest playing card stock available. Each deck comes in a specially designed box and there will be only one, limited printing of the deck, meaning after ordering is closed, there will be no more available. The end date for orders has been bumped from Aug 31 to Sept 10th due to delays.

After Sept 10, no more cards may be ordered!

This was my piece I contributed:

The deck starts at $17. You have 2 weeks to get it.

Order here: [link]

Questions, comments? Contact the wonderful mastermind behind this project, :iconjisuk:

Don’t forget, Dragon*con next week!!!

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