Dragon*con wrap-up + NY Comic-Con + misc updates!

The DRAGON wrap up!
First off, DRAGON*CON was amazing!!! Thank you all for coming out! I had an amazing time meeting a lot of you guys!

Photos [if anybody is interested]

Thanks to Thom Trainer, Anne-Marrie [DRD] of People’s Republic of Venture, Jessica *DoubtingSalmon :heart:, the Dragon*con staff & and the D*C volunteer squad of awesome, the guy who stalked me with his evil glare [wait, no thanks to him, he was made of awful!] and my amazing friends: Alma Balderas :heart:, Marc Ilagan of Venture Bros Blog, Tiffany Sauber, Kate Sullivan, Holly and Marilee of Very Venture Vodcast, and so many more… seriously, you guys are amazing!

Special loving thanks to Doc Hammer :icondoc-hammer:, for calling me a bastard infront of a 1,000 or so people :heart: That was amazing! [this is not sarcastic at all. Seriously, that was sweet.No one else gets to do that though.] –and thank you sir for so much more. You are amazing, always.
[and yeah, there’s video of Doc calling me a bastard.. ^_^ at 0:43 note: Triana [my accomplice] is Jessica *DoubtingSalmon

Always thanks to my poor husband, Jim :iconmrmoldavia:, who at conventions puts up with a totally different Chan and always does an amazing job. [-despite him being fired every 2 minutes. ;D He makes a mean “Hawaiian Coffee” though.]

I look forward to returning next year to Dragon*con, and i suggest the same to everybody else. You’ll never get to go to a more amazing convention than this…
With that said, time to move on to my favorite city of all time…


New York Comic-con, Oct. 8th-10th. I will be sharing an artist table with my amazingly talented cousin, Lindsay Cibos :iconlcibos: and the illustrative, Maximo V. Lorenzo :iconspeedking:!

I will probably also make appearances over at the Archaia table too!

Rumors are this…there might be advance copies of THE GOD MACHINE graphic novel at this show!!! –I make no promises…But how cool would it be to get my signature, Doc Hammer’s [on his foreword], some of my pin-up artists- Lindsay Cibos, Alex-Eckman Lawn, and a few others to sign their pages all at NYCC? It’d be like a lil scavenger hunt! Actually- that sounds pretty fun!

At any rate, I’ll have prints as usual. Let me know what you’d like to see if you’re coming. I’m probably going to have less Venture Brothers prints at this con, so if you want any of those PLEASE request.

Further information, like table # and any panel info to come later.

Can’t wait to see you guys!

Local Signings & Such

My fellow Orlando people, so far I have one event planed for Oct. 30th at Sci-fi City. I will be signing my book there and getting into the Halloween spirit. Come out and support these guys, and me too!

More to come, I hope!


THE GOD MACHINE is for pre-order. Find out all about where you can get it! [Click Me]

Also, commissions will be opened up soon.. I meant to open them sooner, but I’ve been kinda sick lately and i’m starting on the short FRAGGLE story i’m illustrating… so patience my darlings, patience! ;)

Til later…



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