Comic Geek Speak’s: Super Show!

The next stop on the GOD MILLENNIUM TOUR is Comic Geek Speak’s Super Show! ( April 30th & May 1st).

As per last time, me and my boyfriend, writer/creator of Critical Millennium, Drew Gaska, we’ll have comics, & graphic novels for sale. I’ll have my hardcover of THE GOD MACHINE for sale, along with my prints, commissions on site, and other goodies! Special for this convention, i will be doing crazy crayon commissions. :)

What’s after SuperShow?

Confirmed and possibilities:

Wizardworld Philly (PA) June 17-19 ??
*San Diego Comic Con (CA) July 21-24: confirmed
WizardWorld Chicago (IL) Aug 11-14: ???
Baltimore Comic Con (MD) Aug 21-22: ???
*Dragon*con (Atlanta, GA) Sept 2-5: YES confirmed!
*New York Comic Con (Oct 14-16): more than likely!
Chiller (NJ) Oct. 31: ???

See you guys!



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