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It’s time for my first installment of…

Questions from Twitter:

@theReal_Rebel asks: “In book 1 Guy meets Satan, considering you have an “Evil God” how does he fit into your mythos & what effect does Satan have on Guy?”

Oh-ho! This is a very good question…

We’re going to uncover the answers to this particular question over the course of the story. Without giving it away, the fact that there is a “Satan” and two gods, “Good God” and “Evil God” have everything to do what’s going on in this version of reality and some serious “secret” backstory. — In volume 2, we will learn the relationship between Satan and the Gods pretty quickly- but, it will only open up more questions to come…!

As for Satan’s effect on Guy… We get to see that too in volume 2. (Ironically enough, I just wrote a scene between the two characters yesterday…It’s a doozy!)

An Elegy For Amelia Johnson‘s own, @AndrewRostan asks: “Are there different settings for monotheism and polytheism?

In a way, yes. This gets tricky, and has a lot to do with the first question asked. This may or may not be a spoiler…

In the world of The God Machine, we have parallel worlds, and many different cultures that all celebrate different types of religion and belief. The constant to all these worlds is that the governing “Gods”  remain the same- Good God, and Evil God (And sometimes Limbo God) These Gods, are the strongest beings in existence and keep order through their dreams and discussions. -Then there is a 2nd tear of beings (demi-gods) known as “The Order.” These beings act as  heads of of a republic society. Each Order member acts as a representative from their designated world.  The idea behind the Order is to keep all of existence in a sort of balance, while meeting their respective beings needs*. (Needs range from Gods in societies to catastrophic events to maintain population control… and other things…) There is always a question of what’s moral, and fit for all these worlds. These kinds of questions that are brought to the Order floor, and the main 3 Gods oversee the big questions and rule in favor of what is just.

That’s… well a start of an explanation of a piece of The God Machine’s “God” world… An odd mythos inspired by politics and representatives of a bigger picture. There’s much more than this, obviously.

I have no idea if what I wrote makes any sense. Hard to condense without giving away the farm.

Thanks for the questions you guys!

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  1. Hey there Chandra! My husband and I were looking at you at Comic Con today but couldn’t find your booth anywhere. Will you be there a different day or did we miss you? I wont be able to go back to Comic Con, but I was really hoping to buy a copy of The God Machine and get your signature. Would that still be possible?

    1. I\’m sorry I\’m not at Wizard World Chicago this weekend. They probably never took me and my boyfriend off of the website. Sorry about that. :(
      I don\’t suppose you\’ll be going to Baltimore Comic-con? I\’ll be there…

      But as far as buying a copy from me- it\’s going to be awhile. i need to get books in for Baltimore CC, and then i have Dragon*con after that.. so it\’ll be awhile before the dust settles.

      Please send me an email at witchycrankypoo@gmail.com with your request for a book.. and we\’ll see what we can do.

      Again i\’m very sorry about that.


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