About Commissions to be sent out…

Hey everybody-!

Back from Dragon*con, and some of the dust has settled. Hopefully i’ll have video of my panel up soon. [Which btw- Dragon*con was a real treat and a blast! Thanks to all who made it out to say hello, and those who came to the panel. Means the world!)

So for those of you who are waiting for your commissions from Baltimore Comic-Con– I should have them out to you sometime this week. Hang tight, they’re coming!

More stuff to come soon… I think I need a revamp to this page, what do you think?



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  1. I think you should revamp it. It works fine as it is, but I think it could reflect more of your personality. Or at least what I assume is your personality. Having never spoken with you other than via text, I suppose I’m making assumptions there, aren’t I? :)

    1. True I do need something that reflects the personality and work- the sad thing is that I don\’t have the skills to really rework at WordPress, or the time. But it\’s on the wishlist of things. :)

      I was thinking of a fall theme soon…

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