Taking Dragon*con Print Requests NOW

UPDATE: CLOSED! Thanks to all who requested prints. If you didn’t get a chance to request, don’t worry- I’ll have prints on hand for you to get! 

Hey guys and gals!

It’s that time again! Dragon*con time! [well Aug 31st-Sept. 3 is when the event is!] I will be a guest again this year, and so will Drew Gaska [writer of Critical Millennium, Space:1999, Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes].

I have many treats planned for this show [including a special mini comic…!] and much more!

But I will update on that later. First! I need your print requests + your name. List them under this thread. [See my DA gallery for print ideas]
I will be posting more artwork on DA coming up, so please feel free to request those as well. I will set aside your print away from the rest of the prints so you get a guaranteed print of your dreams!

CONVENTION* Print costs are:
8.5×11 – $8.00
11×17 – $20.00
Special sized prints: TBA

*These prices are only at conventions.

Send me those print requests!

Also, a heads up, I will be having a commission list this year. Prices are changing from last year AND space will be LIMITED.
I will be allowing a certain number of people from online to fill a part of the list and the rest will be a first come first served basis at the con.
This will be announced soon!




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  1. My requests would be the:
    Jackson and Doc (for the awesome chance to get everyone’s signature of it)
    Tiki: Order of the Triad (because I’ve shared far too many drinks with Dana in Trader Vic’s not to get it)

    1. Glad you said something, because I forget things like this. ^^ Got your email- will tell you more when I figure out that stuff.

  2. um, SOULBOT!!! so want an 8×11 of that. i gotta look through your site to see what else, but that’s a definite!

  3. My requests Are:

    In the Absinthe Gloom 8.5×11
    Labyrinth 8.5×11
    Residing In Sickness 8.5×11

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the God Machine art, and what girl doesn’t have a soft spot for Labyrinth?

    Great Idea!

  4. hi yes please i would like Mrs. 11x 17 The Monarch Lady REDUX and is there anyway i can get it signed? i love that print soooooo much thank you
    what day do we pick them up? i can only be there sat or sun thank you again

    1. Of course you can have it signed. :) Pick it up when you can. I’m not going anywhere all days. I set aside prints for those who request them. p.s. I will be modifying that print a bit to have it fit the size format, just for you. ^_^

      1. thank you so much do you want me to pay now or at DragonCon?
        i have never been to a con ever will you have a table or be in the sales room sorry i have no ideal what im doing when i get there :) thank you again

        1. Ah! I see! I will be a guest at Dragon*con and have my own table in the Comics and Pop Art alley which is usually at the Marriott 1-2 floors down… [if memory serves me right. Which my memory is shaky] Get a guide book, it’ll help you a lot! You’re about ready to come into one of the most complicated, biggest conventions on the East coast.

          Pay me at the convention. If you don’t find me, we can always work something out later, though at an extra cost.

          If you have any more questions, let me know!

  5. Request of prints:
    1. Iron Man the Chibi 8×11 (or whatever size close to that that fits the image)
    2. Fare you well- my dove 8×11
    3. In the Absinthe gloom 11×17

    I’m really looking forward to buying more of your artwork and volume 2 of the God Machine!! See you in ATL!

  6. I’d like to request:

    8.5×11 of Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish (a gift for my Apple fanboy boyfriend)
    8.5×11 of Catwoman (your latest 2012 version)
    8.5×11 of The Gods, the TGM extra with all three (they make me squee!)

    Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you at D*C!

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