Dragon*con Commission List


Dragon*con is just around the corner, and it’s time to prepare!

Due to last years massive demand for commissions I’m starting a list for commissions! Which means there will be a limited number of commissions I will be taking this year. [on account I nearly killed myself last year trying to meet the demand!]

Here’s the deal-
I will be taking 4 internet pre-orders right now at a discounted price! The catch is that you pay now, and then pick up your drawing on Saturday or any day after of your choice! The point is you get a guaranteed sketch from me!

-But if you miss this opportunity to do it online or just can’t do it, you’ll have another chance at the con. Just make sure you come as soon as you can to my table to make sure you get to be part of the list!

What you’re commissioning me for at the con pencil sketches.

The God Machine characters, Venture Brothers, Super heroes, cartoon characters, some indy characters, your weird concepts, etc. [I have an iPhone for reference]
Things can be Zombie-fied! [everything is done on bristol board material, aka nice sturdy paper]

[*note: Extra characters cost more per character.]


Here’s this year’s prices:

Online “pay now” price [$7.00 dollars off!] [PAYPAL only please!]
email me at: chandrafree@gmail.com

8.5×11- $28.00
12×12- $38.00
11×17- $48.00

1. Sam [12×12]
2. Bill [11×17]
3. Hayley [8.5 x11]
4. V [8.5 x 11]

At the con commission prices:

8.5×11- $35.00
12×12- $45.00
11×17- $55.00

Come pick up your sketches or place your order at my table in the Comics & Pop Art “Artist Alley” at the Hyatt. I don’t have a table number yet, but it’s easy to find me! Look for the “Spooky Chan” banner and I should have my hair dyed red and black.

I will have other goodies as well, such as a not so secret God Machine ash-can, The God Machine vol. 1, prints, new stickers, and more!

Also, I’m on 2 panels this year too!

Title: Let’s Get Graphic
Description: Writing graphic novels.
Time: Fri 02:30 pm Location: Embassy D-F – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
Title: Rise of the Independent
Description: Creator owned, self publishing and kicking @$$! Find out what it takes to get it done.
Time: Fri 04:00 pm Location: Hanover F – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

Also, I’m still taking print requests for pick up as well. See this post for details!

I think that’s it guys! Send in those commission requests. First come first served.
Email me at chandrafree@gmail.com


p.s. Cosplay of God Machine characters is encouraged!

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