After the Holidays Commission Sale!

After the Holidays Commission Sale!

I’m NOW taking limited special $60 dollar commissions till February 7th, 2013.[Don’t forget Valentines Day is the 14th of February! Gift ideas!]

What do you get for $60 dollars? One digital fully colored bust* and a splash color background. [*NOTE: A bust in this instance is a head to slightly below the shoulders. NO FULL BODY images.]

Here are some examples of what I did for my last 60 dollar special:

*NOTE: The people who commissioned me for these images were big DC fans, you are not limited to only DC characters. ^^;

What you can request:

Pick 1 of the following-

    • Your favorite character from whatever series [reference is nice!]
    • Your character [I NEED your reference.]
    • A portrait of you, your friend, family, etc. [photos please] No animals please!
Tell me basics you want to see in the character and any other basic information.

PAYMENT UPFRONT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE– As soon as I get the money you will be slotted in a list and receive your image 5-7 days after or the day of payment [if not sooner!.] First come, first served. I usually begin ASAP when I receive payment, pending on if I’m working on another image or not.

What you will receive 2 jpegs of your image- one at 100% [full quality] and the other at about %25 the size of the original. Original images are done at 300 dpi [aka standard high resolution] and measure out to be 8.5″ x 11″. You have permission to make prints for yourself. [See legal information at the bottom of the post for more details]

I only take PAYPAL. 

Sound good?

Email me  at with your description of what you want and we will go from there.

 [NOTE: If I do not respond to you within 2 days, please contact me here or at to let me know. I’ve had issues with my email as of late.]

Thanks for the interest!


*note- If you wish to commission me for a bigger project in mind or something that doesn’t fit this format, you may still do so.  Regular prices apply and my usual commission rules.
Legal Information:
    • The copyright of the commissioned work is retained by the artist. I can reuse the image for my portfolios, sell them, and post online.
    • These images are for your own personal use (non-commercial unless otherwise agreed upon), and not to be copied, reproduced or redistributed. This means you can use them as your avatars, print your own personal prints [but you cannot sell them], etc.
    • No cancellations accepted once work on the picture has begun.


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