Emerald City Comic-Con 2014!

Hey guys!

Convention season starts off again with Emerald City Comic-con! You can find Andrew E.C. Gaska and myself, Chandra Free at tables DD-05 & DD- 06.

We’ll have our books, my prints, and I’ll be taking commissions! As a heads up I’m on my last copies of The God Machine. I only have a limited number of this edition (never to be printed this way again.) And by limited- I only have less than 20 to sell for the con year. BUT! I will have a few leather bounds on hand… (also limited.)

We hope to see you there!

Also, a heads up! This year we will be at C2E2, SDCC, DragonCon, and possibly NYCC. :D More info to follow.


p.s. Please don’t mind the dust of my website. It’s still under repair. ^^;; Hoping for big things this year and more news!

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