C2E2 2014

Next con up for the season is C2E2 2014! – (April 25-27, 2014 – South Building, McCormick Place- Chicago).
Me and Andrew E.C. Gaska will be there in artist alley J-14!

A handy map!

We will have books, prints, and I will be taking commissions!

Also! Good news! A small batch of The God Machine’s regular edition was found. There ar enot many of them so come get your out-of-print* copy ASAP! It won’t last and I don’t think there are any more that we could possibly find! (And if I do, I’m keeping them for my own purposes. Like a record of my accomplishment) And if you don’t want that regular edition or already have one, the leather bound edition is still around. :D


Hope to see you all at C2E2!!



*Yes! The God Machine Vol. 1 is out of print. Archaia doesn’t have it, Diamond Distribution doesn’t have it, Amazon formally doesn’t have it, etc. You can still find it at some comic shops and bookstores, just might take you a bit to find it. Pretty much it’s where-ever is in the wild. It will NEVER be printed that way again. So, if you want to read that Doc Hammer forward, or to see those pim-ups…get it if you find it! Seriously.

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