NYCC 2014!

The Kitties compel you, the Kitties compel you…

New York Comic-Con is just a week away! (October 9-12th to be exact!) Are you ready to join us?

Come see me (Chandra Free) & Andrew E. C. Gaska in artist alley table #Q13!!!

I no longer have any copies of The God Machine to sell (sorry guys.. unless you want to buy a copy from my reserve of 3 for serious $$$, then we’ll talk), but I WILL have prints, and commissions available.

If you have any print requests, NOW is the time (before this coming weekend), or otherwise I will guess what you guys want… which is never easy. :P [Here’s my gallery over at DA to give you guys ideas] I will have Groot & Rocket prints. :D

“Drew” will have his array of SPACE:1999 titles, Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, and Critical Millennium.

Signatures and weird banter is always free~~! So come over and say hello!

See you all soon!


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