Thank you all who came out and made New York Comic Con a success! Great to see lots of new and old faces! (well, for whom I can remember… most of you know how I can’t remember faces, haha!) Apologies to anybody who had to deal with me on the last day— lack of sleep will make anyone loopy! ;D

Fantastic to see and give Steve White his first hangover of the con. ;D Love you Steve, you are like the best editor & friend a gal could have!

Special love to Bryan J.L. Glass & Judy Glass for being the best guests ever, and thank you for helping me out through the tough times. (You guys really are my shining stars.)

Extra special thanks to Nikki Christmas for providing moral, love, musical, and donut support. ; D

Lots of love to my boy, Drew Gaska who couldn’t be at the show most of the time because he was working on Freelance work so we can survive in this world. Thanks, baby!

And as always, The Delz for being fucking awesome as we braved through hell that is a convention week-end.

BIG THANKS to the Mighty Mike Negin who puts on the best artist alleys EVER! You & your staff are the cat’s PJs sir!!

There are so many other people I’d like to thank and I was so happy to see over this very long intensive weekend. You all rock.

Now, I will be trying to catch up on emails, commissions, and sending out commissions/pre-ordered prints for the remainder of the week going into the next week.

Much love,


p.s. Thank you to my friends who gave me daily hugs!

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