Hey guys! I’ll be at #DRAGONCON this next weekend! Come find me in Comics & Pop Artist Alley, TABLE 80I – @ THE NEW LOCATION- third floor of building two the AmericasMart.

Title: Fantasy Graphic Novels
Time: Fri 07:00 pm Location: Embassy EF – Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: The intersection of lush art and gripping tales–what more could you want? Industry pros weigh in on how to bring fantasy stories to life one colorful frame at a time.

Title: Graphic Novels: Ride the Tide
Time: Sun 02:30 pm Location: Embassy CD – Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: The fiction world is exploding with graphic novels. Take this opportunity to hear what successful writers in this genre recommend to help new writers break into the field.

Title: The Dark Side of Alternate History
Time: Mon 11:30 am Location: 204 J – Mart2 (Length: 1)
Description: One of the enduring tropes of Steampunk is its unflagging optimism. Yet many alternate histories and historical fantasies have darker views of events. Steampunk zombies, alternate apocalypses, and intrigue abound. This panel explores what happens when optimism gives way to a darker reality.

See you there!


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