So you’ve come to commission me? Thank you for your interest! You’ll find that I’m easy to talk to and I’m willingto work with you and your budget.

Please note you came to me because of what kind of artwork I do. So please, ask for work related to what you’ve seen from me. (Things that go outside of what I typically do might cost extra.)

Most importantly–
Please! Serious buyers only!!!


1. Money must be paid up-front. USA dollars/USD, I accept only pay-pal. (if you need other options let me know.)
I do payment options too. (ex. Pay half the price of a full color commission and you get the sketch first. Pay the last half you get the full image.)

2. No revisions please. Make sure your description is as clear and concise as possible; otherwise you’re trusting me to make artistic choices.

Exceptions: If this commission is for commercial purposes then you can receive up to 2 revisions. Note: commercial commissions cost a bit more and must be clearly stated at the beginning of the commission.


If you must have a revision, I will charge you extra pending on what you need changed.

3. I work on an hourly rate of 25 dollars an hour. Before the commission begins, you will receive a price quote based on what you’re asking for. This price will not change once work is started. (so if i go over the allotted hours this will not change the price unless for changes to work after it’s completed.)

4. I work on a case-by-case basis. The image’s complexity will determine it’s price.

5. Prices range from 20 to 200+ dollars.
(Price is determined by the time required to complete the project and the level of complexity involved (line art vs. ink, headshot vs. full body, basic vs. detailed background, etc. Be prepared to spend well over 60 bucks and up for a good image. However, I do a special 20 dollar head shot, see bottom for details.)

6. Once the image is complete, you will receive two JPGs (100% size, 25% size) of the finished color image will be emailed to you. (The image is typically done at 300 dpi, if you need a higher dpi, or a specific image size please let me know before begining.)

7. About prints and originals- this cost is extra, plus shipping. These will be handled on an individual basis.
(ex Typical print 8×10 = 10 USD, shipping 5 USD. (pending on international orders))  *
To be updated.

NOTE: I work in digital for the most part depending on projects. If you want an original drawing, please tell me beforehand, otherwise your image may only exist in the digital world. Also, I do NOT color images traditionally, so you would only be receiving a pencil or inked drawing.

8. Paintings? As in the NOT digital, paint and canvas kind- currently I’m not doing this at this time. My studio set up is no longer in existence for now.

9. Comic Work*? Commercial work? Please inquire. (*short/one shot comic projects please. I have my own projects i’m working on that takes up a lot of my time.)

10. Album cover work? YES! I do that too! It costs extra since it’s commercial work. When inquiring please let me know your concept, the  type of music, if you need a logo, a back wrap around cover, etc. Any samples of lyrics or music helps too!

When ordering make sure you give me as many details as you want to see in the image. Also picture reference(s) is/are always nice to have. — Also if you’re ordering on a budget, let me know how much you are willing to spend and I’ll work with you to get a price package that will fit your price range (note: it might be limited in complexity at the low range.)

Consider these things when writing your description-

Is it…?
Full body?
How many characters?
Digital Color?
Inked Line Art?
+Simple background (design/abstract elements)?
+Detailed background (simple location)?

Examples Of Previous Commissioned Work:

All Digital Drawing & Digital Color

*business card design for business

Pencil Sketch + Digital Color

Simple Sketches

Professional Comic Work For Others

$$$ 25-Dollar Special $$$
This is for those of you who can’t afford my hourly rated work, but would like to have something done by me. I do simple headshots. It’s Limited in complexity. Tell me what you want your subject to be (ie. The character’s name, a quick portrait of you, your character, etc.) and viola!





Remember it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.
Again I only ask for serious patrons only. (if you can’t afford it, please save your pennies ^^;)

Sound like I’m your artist gal?
Then it’s time to email me!

Thank you for your interest and time.

-Chandra Free

Legal Information:
*The copyright of the commissioned work is retained by the artist. I can reuse the image for my portfolios, sell them, and post online.
*These images are for your own personal use (non-commercial unless otherwise agreed upon), and not to be copied, reproduced or redistributed.
*Commercial work is up to the client and freelancer.
*No cancellations accepted once work on the picture has begun.

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