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The God Machine-


  • When will volume 2 of THE GOD MACHINE be out?

Unofficially- 2015-2016. It will be relaunching with Titan-Comics starting with a new extended edition of volume 1, followed by single issues of volume two leading to the graphic novel collection.

  • Where can I purchase your book?  Is there a digital version of the book?

The God Machine vol 1 (Archaia edition) is now sold out! But you “may” be lucky in finding it at major bookstores, local comic shops, online retailers [like amazon], and in digital formats from Comixology (this should be gone soon).  NOTE* Be sure to call or ask your bookstore or comic shop if they have it. If not, they won’t be able to get it. :( (Well, not until the next edition comes out!)

  • Where do the little Marcynityes come from?  Are they important to the story?

Marcynites come from another dimension yet to be revealed at this time. They play a large part in this sort of ecosystem of “existence.” Think of them as creatures that instinctively keep the balance of the worlds from being destroyed by foreign creatures that don’t belong in another plane of existence. Like white blood cells, if you will. The Marcynites see beings like the Gods and the Order members as disruptive threats because they can go through different dimensions, which interferes  with that “world’s” natural order and the ebb and flow of the life “vita” energy.

  • Do the characters reflect how you feel about things or real people?

I suppose this can be based on how somebody else views my work- whether they think i’m saying something positive or negative about my characters. To me these characters just are who they are and sometimes I’m bringing the extremes of people to light through them.

There’s a lot of my friends  attributes that surface in these characters, myself included. For example, I knew a family who threw money at their kids. They took care of them through this gesture as to show their love for their offspring, but they never really spent time with their kids. This left my friends very hollow in terms of affection, they had emotional difficulties, and they typically found solace in owning things. They had difficult times with dealing with emotions and affection. I put a lot of what I saw there into Andrew Matthus’ character. It’s just one aspect of his emotional profile that he’s a kid who’s parents are extremely wealthy and influential only deal with their son through money. Andrew’s inability to deal with real affection shows through his facades he puts up in front of people, not really letting anyone in except the closest. Even then he’s still shielding himself from those who care about him the most.

  • Is it a dream?

What do you think?

  • Who is your favorite character?

Guy Salvatore! Why? Because of the arc I have planned for him. He really grows up in a lot of ways, and also doesn’t in others. He’s completely imperfect, but well meaning. I really enjoy that about him. Plus he’s sarcastic. ;)

  • Who is your work targeted towards?

Mature audience, older teen, anime fans, fans of spooky-ish comics, those who ever lost a loved one, those who can read ;) , those who like comics, anybody who can identify with The God Machine!

  • How many books are planned and why aren’t they out yet?

Up to 10 to 13 volumes. I’m the only one working on this book, so that’s why it’s taking so long. No worries, I plan on bringing this to it’s conclusion. I will find a way to bring the story to you no matter what. -and rest assured there is a planned ending, and even an afterword as well.

  • Is there any way to purchase pages?

Yes! And this extends to other projects as well. Email me at chandrafree@gmail.com what page from the graphic novel you’re looking to buy, and we can negotiate a price. I also sell select pages at conventions. Prices of pages range from $60-250 dollars pending on complexity, scene, and my own personal attachment to the page. *NOTE: Sometimes pages can be digital or not be the same as what you see in the final product. I will provide original scans of the page.

  •  On page 21 of volume 1, Is the name of the highschool, Salem High, derived from the name of the town Salem in Massachusetts?

Guy lives in a fictional town of Stone Brook, somewhere in Long Island, NY. The early settlers of this area originally named it Salem in honor of giving it a more Anglicized name that meant peace. They refused to give it a native American name in order to stake claim to the land as their own. But the town found out that there were many other villages and towns in the USA adopting the named Salem at that time, so they decided to rename it after the river Stone Brooke that went through their village. This was regarded as the “safe option.”  As a respect to the original name of Salem many places in Stone Brooke still retain the name. (i.e. Salem High School, Salem University, etc.)                      


Artist, Professional, &  Conventions Questions


  • If I see you at a show can I get a sketch or autograph for free?

Autographs are always free!  As for drawings I typically do commissions which are not free. BUT! I usually have free stickers for you to take!

  • Where can I find what shows/conventions will you be attending?

Usually, I will post updates via my twitter @spookychan and my facebook page. Also see my section on conventions and my blog here, though those are not as current as twitter/facebook.

  • How do I get you to come do a signing at my LCS [local comic shop]?

Email me at chandrafree@gmail.com and we can work out the details! I’m currently in Brooklyn, NY. so I can do local shops without much problem, however in other states we’ll have to work something out.

  • Will you draw a book I wrote?

Currently, I can only accept small projects on a case by case basis. Only paying projects please! The God Machine takes up a lot of time and even if your story is awesome, I still need to be compensated for my time away from working on The God Machine. -but don’t let this discourage you. Send your pitch to chandrafree@gmail.com and we’ll talk. :)

  • How did you get started?

This is a complicated question. First- I was working with Serena Valentino for a project called “Hell’s Cafe,” back in 2005-06’. She wanted me to be on her book because she had seen my illustrations after I sent her a gift image of her character Lex from her book Gloom Cookie. In the end, it came to be that I did not end up on the project. But because my sample pages for Hell’s Cafe caught the eye of artist/creator Drew Rausch, I got my first comics gig on his book called Sullengrey. I did the digital coloring on parts of vol. 1 and the first 2 chapters of vol. 2. In 2007 I pitched The God Machine at New York Comic-con and Archaia picked up the book almost instantly.

  • I want a print of _________, will you print this for me?

Prints / iPhone cases / tote bags / mugs / and more: society6

Don’t see a print you want on my society6 page? Email me at chandrafree@gmail.com with the image you want as a print. I offer two sizes 8.5×11 (@ $17) and 11×17 (@ $27) with $5 shipping. (International and rush orders vary. Not all images work in image size format. Ask me for details.)

  • Will you look at my art portfolio?

I will look at your portfolio & critique your work if things are not super crazy at a convention. I love to help out if I can with budding artists in the comics industry, but sadly I only have time to do so at conventions.


  • How often do you sit down and read/look through your own work?

All the time! I’m always looking, always reflecting on where I’ve been as an artist, how I can do it better, and sometimes remember techniques/ideas I’ve forgotten. Sometimes I find inspiration in my older pieces.  I feel this is the only way a person can grow. Looking at where you’ve been can only help you understand what you do, and how you can grow. Never stop pushing yourself, I think!


  • Could I commission you for guest art in my upcoming comic?

Of course, pending on my work schedule. See my commission information for details!


  • Any digital painting tips for a beginner?

Learn how to traditionally paint. Once you understand those principles, bring them into your digital program of choice. You’ll have a better understand of color principles and won’t be distracted by all the tools in front of you. As for learning how to use programs- there are multiple ways. I taught myself photoshop through digitally touching up crappy webcam photos. Why is this important? I learned the basics of photoshop’s tools, what filters do [which you should play with them, but never use them at face value, minus sharpen and blur. Never let a filter be your crutch!], what layers and the individual settings on them did, etc. It gave me a chance to really learn the program before I was actually doing “real” art. It helps that you don’t get frustrated trying to do artwork in these programs when you really need to just mess around with all the options first.

Also, it’s worth noting that getting a digital tablet is an essential part of your tools as well. If you’re starting off, just get a low end tablet like say the bamboo. Get comfortable with your tool. Doodle, play with the options, live with it for awhile. When you’re ready to go further and really do more serious work, get something like an intuos. The difference between a Bamboo and an Intuos? Price and how advanced it can be in sensing how much pressure you are applying to the stylus.

Draw tons digitally after you’re comfortable with your tools. Keep drawing, coloring, whatever it takes to get you comfortable in the digital sense. Use DeviantArt as a place to encourage yourself to produce work. Having peers to look at your work can be a great motivator, and they can give you advice if you are looking for it.

Never forget you have the internet at your fingertips! There are TONS of tutorials out there to help you out when you’re stuck on a problem.

Good luck! <3


  • Your art looks very organic. Do you use computers at all, (or is it mostly, or entirely “analog”) and if so, what kind of software/setup (drawing pad etc) do you use?

I work multiple ways for whatever the project calls for. For instance most of my illustrations that I have up online are typically 100% digital. A book like THE GOD MACHINE had traditionally penciled pages that were scanned into the computer, then cleaned and colored in Photoshop.

My Tech/Programs [12/2/12]: iMac late 2009 model [2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 12 GB RAM], Cintiq HD 21, Photoshop CS6,


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