Please Repost! An Open Letter to Comic Retailers – Awakening Update!

Reposting my good buddy Nick Tapalansky’s [of the super sexy comic, Awakening]  latest blog, an Open Letter to Comic Retailers!:
Awakening Graphic Novel
Awakening Graphic Novel


So, the book is out – now what? Now, oh loyal readers, we need to keep the momentum going. Reviews and interviews are abound but now we need to show comic shops that there’s good reason for them to carry the book in their stores! Below is an open letter to comic retailers which I emailed out to all the shop contacts I could gather online. What we need YOU to do is repost this on blogs and message boards, Twitter a link, send up a smoke signal – get this info to your local shop to help them sell the book. That doesn’t mean you should go in and ask for ten copies of the book to be ordered, that’s not what this is about. This is about spreading the word about the book and giving retailers the ammunition they need to confidently recommend and sell the book to their customers.

Let’s do this thing! Zombie Noir for everybody! Tweet and repost pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase!