Portfolio Consultation

Ever needed a hand with your comic art portfolio before submitting it to an indy comics publisher? Not sure you’re including the right kind of art? Or just want someone to look over your full comics pitch? Look no further, I, Chandra Free, published comics creator, am here to help you!


  • Real-time face to face conversation (via skype or facebook messenger- no facetime/phone calls) 
  • Review of your comics materials.
  • Advice on how to strengthen your portfolio in order to make it “pitch” ready.
  • Honesty! I will not lie to you or waste your time. But be prepared, I can be very blunt with what I’ll say about your portfolio. It’s nothing personal, I honestly want you to have a strong comics portfolio before you pitch to a company. Bring an open mind and thick skin!
  • 30 minute to 60 minutes (or more) of consultation. Be prepared to take notes. I will not be providing written materials, unless asked for in advance at an extra cost.
  • Optional full comics pitch (including story pitch) consultation available!

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Chandra Free. I’ve been in the comics industry since the mid-2000s. I have had a successful sold-out graphic novel that I wrote and illustrated, on numerous comics projects, a character designer, and was an art director at BLAM! Ventures. Currently I’m a freelance artist, and a publisher at Machina Corpse. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Who is this for?

Mainly this is for indy comics artists who do it all (penciling, inking, coloring, lettering- whatever you do to make complete comic pages). I do offer pitch consultation as well. This is not for story alone.

IMPORTANT: I am NOT reviewing projects or artists for Machina Corpse. This is purely a consultation to help you perfect your comics art portfolio for comics publishers you want to pitch for. 

Booking your appointment:

Please contact me at my email chandrafree@gmail.com


Tell me what days and times work for you, your skype name or Facebook info on which platform you want to communicate with. Include what consultation package you want (*see below for package options.)

Once I approve of our session, I will require you to send me a pdf of your comic portfolio, with a down payment of $25 dollars (and any other optional package fees) ASAP so I may have time to review your portfolio before our scheduled session.

Payment & Packages:


  • 30 minutes: $50
  • 60 minutes: $100
  • 90 minutes: $150

I take paypal & venmo.

A non-refundable down payment of $25 dollars (and any other optional package fees) is required to secure your appointment and for me to review your portfolio on my own time. The rest of the payment is expected the day of your appointment, at least 10 minutes before hand.

Optional Extras:

  • STORY PITCH PACKAGE: $100* (in addition to your FACE TO FACE ONLY package) to review your full comics pitch. Meaning, comic pages, and story outline. However, I am not an editor! So I will not catch your grammar errors, but I will give insight to your story and presentation of your pitch package, and art. *This payment is required with the $25 down payment.
  • NOTES PACKAGE: $50* for written up notes on what needs improvement. You can add this to the Pitch Package as well! *This payment is required with the $25 down payment.

No refunds, please. My time is important, and I am making time especially for you. From preparing our session, to talking with you.

Emergencies/rescheduling- no problem! We’ll figure it out. Just give me the courtesy of alerting me ASAP when you know you can’t make the appointment, and I will do the same for you!

What if we go over the allotted time?

You will have an automatic 15 minutes extra added to your session at an extra $25 if you are looking to continue with our discussion- payment for this is expected ASAP, so be prepared in case we go over our allotted time scheduled. (*note, saying goodbye does not count towards your allotted time. 🙂 )

Prepare your materials!

  • Prepare this digital .pdf portfolio as if you were pitching it to a comics company of your dreams!
  • Include a simple cover letter with your name, social media, skype/FB info,website. DO NOT include personal information- ie. Where you live, your phone number, etc 
  • Put your BEST work in your portfolio. If you’re not comfortable with a particular piece of art, DO NOT INCLUDE IT.
  • 6-10 pages of sequential art that tells a story visually from start to finish, 1-4 pages of misc. sketches/pinups/cover work- whatever you want to include. A max of 24 pages of art. Please do not give me above that. 
  • Send me the .pdf file via email, dropbox, etc. No zips please!

In addition if you select the STORY PITCH PACKAGE option:

  • Your cover letter should include: Your information [name/social media/webpage/FB or Skype], Your story synopsis, target audience, how many issues, etc. This should only be 1 page long, and as if you were pitching to a comics publisher. Be concise, and effective!
  • Finished art MUST have lettered pages.  
  • Must include one cover image.

I’m looking forward to working with you!




  • Can I submit just black and white art?
    • Absolutely! If that’s the style of work you do, as long as it’s finished artwork.
  • Should I have lettered artwork?
    • It’s not required, but you’re welcome to have it as well. My specialty is not lettering, but I can review quickly if I think you need a professional letterer or if you are fine with what you’ve done. Lettered work is only required with the STORY PITCH PACKAGE option.
  • Why only 6-10 pages of sequential art?
    • This will quickly give me an idea if you know how to tell a story through your art. More pages are unnecessary. So make sure your 6-10 pages reflect your skills.
  • What’s the difference between the FACE TO FACE ONLY PACKAGE vs the STORY PITCH PACKAGE?
    • Face to face: only goes over your artwork. Story pitch: goes over your art AND story pitch.