Mar 242014

Hey guys!

Convention season starts off again with Emerald City Comic-con! You can find Andrew E.C. Gaska and myself, Chandra Free at tables DD-05 & DD- 06.

We’ll have our books, my prints, and I’ll be taking commissions! As a heads up I’m on my last copies of The God Machine. I only have a limited number of this edition (never to be printed this way again.) And by limited- I only have less than 20 to sell for the con year. BUT! I will have a few leather bounds on hand… (also limited.)

We hope to see you there!

Also, a heads up! This year we will be at C2E2, SDCC, DragonCon, and possibly NYCC. :D More info to follow.


p.s. Please don’t mind the dust of my website. It’s still under repair. ^^;; Hoping for big things this year and more news!

Aug 032013

FRENZY! the illustrative prose novel- A Kickstarter campaign

You’re probably asking yourself, “Chandra did this?” Indeed I did, my skeptical chummy friends! I did this illustration for promotion of a book that I’m not only contributing illustrations to, but also that I am art directing!

What is this book you ask that promotes the greatest of the sharks? FRENZY! That’s what! It’s an illustrated prose novel (not to be confused with a graphic novel which has a comic book pages) and it takes place in the 1970′s. Chronicling 3 Great White Sharks and the people that pose a threat to our sharky friends!

Here’s the lowdown!


A new illustrated novel of oceanic terror written by author Andrew E.C. Gaska about one of the world’s most beloved animals… sharks!
In the early 1970s, off the North Eastern seaboard of the United States, an army amasses. This army doesn’t use guns, or bombs, or even knives. Instead its’ weapons are speed, stealth, size, and rows of flesh-tearing teeth. They gather each year at the same location to eat and mate, then break up again to traverse the oceans until the next cycle.

This army poses no danger to those who stay out of its way. They make no organized attacks, lead no incursions into new territories… That is, unless they have leaders.

Now, they have three.

As a group or researchers, wealthy teenagers, and Vietnam veterans make their way up the coast, the army of great white sharks gather to feed on seals. The sharks, however, soon find themselves besieged by ruthless predators. As the sharks attempt to flee, three of their kind; bigger, deadlier, and more cunning than the rest, rise to the occasion, whipping this pack of great whites into a feeding…

Now we need YOUR help to get this off the ground! We have started a FRENZY Kickstarter in order to pay our amazing array of artists!
Who are these spectacular artisans?

menton3 –

and myself, Chandra Free!

Cool, right? ;D

Now we need YOUR help to get this off the ground! We have started a FRENZY Kickstarter in order to pay our amazing array of artists!
Who are these spectacular artisans?

Can’t afford to help us? Then please spread the word to everybody you can think of!
Share our Kickstarter page

Any bit helps!

Thanks guys!


Jul 152013

The time is upon us..inching ever so near, uncomfortably so! San Diego Comic-Con is happening July 18-21, a week away from the date of this post!

I will be signing at the Archaia booth (#2229) along with Andrew E.C. Gaska. We have the tentative times that you can stop by, say hello, and get things signed by both myself (and maybe a cheap quick sketch too!) and Andrew E.C. Gaska Please note: These times are subject to change, so stay tuned to my Twitter and the BLAM! Ventures Twitter for last minute details:


Wednesday, July 17, 6-7pm

Thursday, July 18, 2:30-4pm

Friday, July 19, 6-7pm

Saturday, July 20, 12-1pm

Sunday, July 21, 12:30-2pm


FRENZY flyer

We’ve received our batch of FRENZY flyers just in time for San Diego! The dawn of our Kickstarter campaign is upon us, so we’ll be spreading the word like your favorite edible spread on bread. Also available, you can sign up for your Frenzy mailing list to get updates on the most pertinent news concerning the upcoming illustrated novel. You can sign up for the mailing list over at the FRENZY page!


In other FRENZY news, we recorded our Kickstarter campaign video. Bringing all our FRENZY knowledge and goodness to you, straight from the source. The video will be making it’s debut with the launch of our campaign.

Chan Video

And so we fly out into the Sharknado-less skies for San Diego on Monday..tomorrow! From here on out, keep an ear to our Twitter feed for news, photos and updates straight from the convention.

See ya there!


-CF & KD

May 222013

BLAM! Ventures will be at Galacticon 3 (May 26-28) at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. We will be located in the Dealer’s Room on the 1st floor. Our booth number is 8127.

ABOVE: Layout of the 1st floor, we will be located on the far right. 

We will be in a common area between Galacticon3 and Comicpalooza, so attendees from both conventions can stop by our booth! We will have a banner at our table featuring our Limited Edition poster for the convention..

ABOVE: We will be bringing 18×24 posters of the above image for sale at the convention. Edition size is limited to the initial order of 250.

The special edition poster is produced by BLAM! Ventures, digital painting by Dan Dussault, concept layout & design by Andrew E.C. Gaska, logo by Ella Laytham.

Emissaries: Galacticon III is the 35th anniversary celebration of the original Battlestar Galactica television series (first aired in 1978) and the 10th anniversary celebration of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica television series (first aired in 2003). Emissaries: Galacticon III” bring together cast, crew and fans worldwide during a weekend of fun and entertainment.

Andrew E.C. Gaska will be selling copies of SPACE: 1999, Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, Critical Millennium and the above limited edition poster. Chandra Free will be at the show with copies of The God Machine and will be doing commissions as well.

Again, our Booth Number is 8127. See you all there!

Stay tuned to our twitter ( for the most up to date news!

Apr 162013

(C2E2, April 26-28 – West Building at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL)

Hey guys, Chandra here. Before turning this over this entry to Katie to fill you in with the details, I wanted to say that I’ll have a list for commissions at this convention. It’ll be a limited number list, so commissions are first come first served!

Also! I’ll have leather bound copies of THE GOD MACHINE~

I think that’s it~! See you guys soon! -Chan


Now details from Katie!


Hello, everyone! C2E2 is just around the corner. How close is that corner? 10 days! April 26-28, the BLAM! Ventures crew will be in Chicago for what looks to be an amazing time. Andrew E.C. Gaska will be rolling out another convention exclusive, ‘SPACE: 1999 Ancient Aliens, New Worlds‘, limited to 99 copies. More information on the exclusive can be found in our previous post, click right here! Along with the exclusives, copies of Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, SPACE: 1999 Aftershock and Awe, and Critical Millennium will be sold at the show.

Chandra Free will be selling and signing copies of The God Machine, as well as selling prints and taking commissions.


(Table G17!)

Chandra Free and Andrew E.C Gaska will be at Table G17 in Artist Alley, so stop by and say ‘Hello!’. In addition to Artist Alley, both will be signing at the Archaia booth (1019). Times and days are TBA, so follow us on Twitter for up to date information on where we will be:

See you all there!

Feb 272013

In addition to the Archaia panel, Chandra Free (The God Machine, Fraggle Rock) and Andrew E.C. Gaska (Space: 1999, Critical Millennium, Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes) will have multiple signings at the Archaia Comics booth ( BOOTH #808) over the weekend. The signing schedule is as follows:
Friday, March 1st: 7PM – 8PM

Saturday, March 2nd: 6PM – 7PM

Sunday, March 3rd: 4PM – 5PM

Stop by to get books signed and (possibly) commissions, pick up Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes prints, God Machine ashcans, prints from Chandra, and SPACE: 1999 exclusives!

For last minute information and news, follow us on Twitter!


Feb 082013

The BLAM! Ventures crew will be in attendance at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, March 1-3.

Chandra Free and Andrew E.C. Gaska will be on an Archaia panel discussing how they got into the comic industry!

Date: Friday, March 1st

Time: 4-5PM

Location: Room 3AB

Panel Title: Archaia Presents: How I Broke in to Comics (and How You Can, Too!)

Description: Ever wonder how some of your favorite creators broke in to comics, or were curious how some up-and-comers get to be “up-and-comers”? Join some of Archaia’s creators for a lively discussion of how they got their first break in comics, and to hear their advice on how you can, too!

Stay tuned for more information regarding Emerald City Comicon, and upcoming appearances!

Jan 112013

After the Holidays Commission Sale!

I’m NOW taking limited special $60 dollar commissions till February 7th, 2013.[Don't forget Valentines Day is the 14th of February! Gift ideas!]

What do you get for $60 dollars? One digital fully colored bust* and a splash color background. [*NOTE: A bust in this instance is a head to slightly below the shoulders. NO FULL BODY images.]

Here are some examples of what I did for my last 60 dollar special:

*NOTE: The people who commissioned me for these images were big DC fans, you are not limited to only DC characters. ^^;

What you can request:

Pick 1 of the following-

    • Your favorite character from whatever series [reference is nice!]
    • Your character [I NEED your reference.]
    • A portrait of you, your friend, family, etc. [photos please] No animals please!
Tell me basics you want to see in the character and any other basic information.

PAYMENT UPFRONT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE- As soon as I get the money you will be slotted in a list and receive your image 5-7 days after or the day of payment [if not sooner!.] First come, first served. I usually begin ASAP when I receive payment, pending on if I’m working on another image or not.

What you will receive 2 jpegs of your image- one at 100% [full quality] and the other at about %25 the size of the original. Original images are done at 300 dpi [aka standard high resolution] and measure out to be 8.5″ x 11″. You have permission to make prints for yourself. [See legal information at the bottom of the post for more details]

I only take PAYPAL. 

Sound good?

Email me  at with your description of what you want and we will go from there.

 [NOTE: If I do not respond to you within 2 days, please contact me here or at to let me know. I've had issues with my email as of late.]

Thanks for the interest!


*note- If you wish to commission me for a bigger project in mind or something that doesn’t fit this format, you may still do so.  Regular prices apply and my usual commission rules.
Legal Information:
    • The copyright of the commissioned work is retained by the artist. I can reuse the image for my portfolios, sell them, and post online.
    • These images are for your own personal use (non-commercial unless otherwise agreed upon), and not to be copied, reproduced or redistributed. This means you can use them as your avatars, print your own personal prints [but you cannot sell them], etc.
    • No cancellations accepted once work on the picture has begun.


Oct 172012

Hey gang!

I need your help! I need your questions!

I’m trying to do another FAQ, and actually finish and publish it online. I will be picking the top 4 questions from you guys about THE GOD MACHINE, and the top 3 questions about me in regardes to my artwork/career/etc.

Why am I doing this? Because, in multiple places everybody asks when volume 2 of THE GOD MACHINE is coming out, and I keep answering it in multiple places. [btw, please do NOT ask that question, It's going on the list as the #1 asked question.] I need a central place for people to find this info [makes sense, convince for all involved!]. The thing is, I want to know what you guys want to know the most, other than me taking a stab at what I THINK you guys want to know…you know?

Submit your questions here under this thread!

Thank you all,


p.s. thank you to everyone who came out to NYCC and saw me at the Archaia booth. <3

p.s.s. I just found some old questions too, and will be using those as well.